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A $100 Kohl’s Anniversary Coupon Seen Online Is Fake

Don’t be fooled by fake online posts claiming you can get $100 off at Kohl’s for the company’s anniversary. It’s a fake coupon spreading online.

Getting $100 to spend at a top retailer just for answering a few survey questions seems like it’s too good to be true, and in this case, it certainly is.

There’s a fake coupon making the rounds online and on social media falsely claiming that Kohl’s is offering customers $100 off for its 57th anniversary.

Kohl’s confirmed in a tweet, and to multiple media outlets, that the coupon is a fake and not coming from the company.

“Please know, we are not running any promotion for a $100 coupon. Any website or group offering this is not in affiliation with us,” Kohl’s tweeted in response to a claim about the fake coupon.

The fake coupon offer has been posted on Facebook and online at a website called “voucher-online-offers.com.”

Kohl’s added that it has a website where customers can find its verified current sales and promotions.